Counselor’s Handbook

Mental Health related concerns have been prevalent among teenagers and young adults since many years. However, with the onset of the pandemic, persisting unresolved issues aggravated and this not only affected their academic performance, but their overall emotional well-being as well..

Creating a safe space to have conversations pertaining to mental health concerns has therefore, become the need of the hour.

Our Services

  • Workshop for faculty to create awareness about adolescent mental health.
  • Workshop for students of Science and Commerce.
  • Stream to create awareness about mental health and understand the importance of seeking personal counselling sessions.
  • Concerns shared by students are primarily related to coping with academic stress and exam anxiety, grief and loss, unresolved childhood trauma, peer pressure and managing interpersonal relationships as well as severe medical conditions impacting emotional well-being.

Counselor’s Qualifications:

M.A (Mental Health Counseling),
The City College of New York, USA M.A (Clinical Psychology),
University of Mumbai B.A (Psychology), Jai Hind College