Class Improvement Rules

  • A student after completing Graduation/post-graduation, at any time can apply for grade improvement for any two semesters of their choice.
  • A student will be required to give the examination based on the current syllabus unless the syllabus taught to them is still offered.
  • Once the student gives the grade improvement of any semester/s then the student cannot make any changes. They will be giving improvement examination of the same semester/s till they improve the grade of that semester/s.
  • Students are required to note that improvement in marks does not always imply a new grade card will be issued. The student will be issued a new grade card only if the grade improves; for example from B grade to at least B+ grade.
  • Once grade has been improved the student is required to submit the xeroxes of the final semester and passing certificate which will then be reprinted with the necessary changes.
  • After the said certificates are ready the student has to return the original of the final semester and passing certificate.