Master of Science | M.Sc.(By Research)

Biochemistry is the branch of the life sciences devoted to understanding the mechanisms by which living organisms carry out their many functions in complete, molecular detail. It is inherently interdisciplinary in nature and fundamental to every other branch of the life sciences and biomedical sciences.

It is the most fascinating subject as it deals with the chemical language of Life, be it human, animal, plant or microorganism. Biochemistry is one of the most upcoming and highly demanding subjects in the Indian as well as the foreign universities. The basic foundation in Biochemistry is a necessary prerequisite for any kind of biotechnological, medical, paramedical and biological research activity. K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce offers a Master's degree in Biochemistry.

Career Prospects

On successful completion of Master’s degree by papers / Master’s degree by Research in Biochemistry students can choose to be an academician &/or researcher. After post-graduation in Biochemistry, students have various opportunities in various industries like Nutrition and Dietetics,

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Environmental Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Clinical Industry
  • Biomedical Industry
  • Forensic science
  • Analytical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology

Research Facilities

  • Recognized Research Laboratory
  • Common instrumentation Laboratory

Research Guides

  • Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Dr. Heena J. Shah
  • Dr. Ketan J. Ranade

Research Area

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Herbal and Natural products
  • Water analysis


M.Sc. Biochemistry Programme at KJSSC is unique because it offers

  • Workshops
  • Interactive sessions with alumni
  • Interaction with Psychiatrist/Counsellor
  • Seminars/Talks from eminent speakers
  • Parent teacher meeting
  • Industrial & field visits
  • Training at Hospitals/Research centers.
  • Social Outreach Programs & extension activities
  • Project based learning and six months Internship
  • Commercial/Industrial/Government Certificate courses / Trainings

Head of the Department

Dr. Samidha Pawaskar

Completed Projects

  • Preliminary systematic study of Caesalpinia bonducella seed extract and development of its phytochemical fingerprint - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Biochemical analysis & preliminary wide spectrum antimicrobial investigation of Mangiferra indica Linn. - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Phytochemical analysis of some Indian medicinal plants using HPTLC fingerprinting - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Effect of cooking on the antinutrient levels in some commonly used pulses. - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Biochemical evaluation of Mimosa pudica Linn. - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Comparative study of variation in nutritional status of some vegetables under different storage and packaging conditions - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Development of nutritive and antioxidant rich chocolates and yoghurts.
  • Development of Herbal Hand Sanitizer. - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar Development of cost effective herbal remedy to treat bedsores. - Dr. Samidha M. Pawaskar
  • Estimation of non-enzymatic antioxidants from Ficus racemosa Linn. & Caesalpinia bonducella Linn. – Dr. Heena Shah
  • Nutritional and anti-nutritional profiling of various edible seeds – Dr. Ketan Ranade