Master of Science | M.Sc.(By Research)

The course is designed to offer study of different techniques utilised in material science which is one of the leading branch of physics. The students are suppose to acquire skills and knowledge of different techniques of synthesizing material and characterisation techniques.

Also the course structure intends to inculcate skills and different methods of analysis. Further they are suppose to create a model to explain the results

Career Prospects

Depending on the project completed, a learner has opportunities in R and D cell of research institutes/industries

Research Guides

  • Dr Geeta Nair
  • Dr Jitendra Pendharkar

Research Facilities

Heating Mantle, High precision balance, Muffle Furnace, Centrifuge with Rotor, Magnetic Stirrer, Sonicator

Research Area

  • Material Science

Research Facilities


Students will be able to write their own projects to different funding agencies. They will also be eligible to take different positions in research institutes. They can also be absorbed in R&D of several relevant industries.