Master of Science | M.Sc.(By Research)

The Two Year Research Programme in Zoology is designed to cater to those with a curious frame of mind and with a scientific approach towards the subject. The program involves the student seeking a guide for solving a research problem related to the subject. The specialization would be the same as that of the research guide. At KJSSC, the area of specialization of the guide is Entomology.

The program is designed for those students who do not want to spend four semesters gaining theoretical knowledge, but would rather like to be on the field and develop hands-on skills Entomology encompasses the study of Insects. Class Insecta is the most diverse of all animal classes, with its members found in every habitat on Planet Earth. The programme is tailored for those interested in biological science with emphasis on insects and other arthropods, including their distribution, behaviour, physiology, reproduction and economic importance. The coursework is more field based and demands keen interest in the outdoor.

Career Prospects

Students can continue with research in related fields like wildlife and oceanography or go on for Doctoral research

Research Guides

  • Dr. Amol Patwardhan

Research Facilities

Recognised Laboratory with basic infrastructure

Research Area

  • Entomology
  • Ecology


Ecology and Biodiversity based research Field work is encouraged