Wi-fi enabled Seminar room with Lecture capturing system (150 capacity)

Located on the first floor of K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce building, Seminar room is a multi-purpose auditorium on the Somaiya campus with a capacity to accommodate around 150 audience. The state-of-the art facility with adequate technical support, centralized air-conditioning, Lecture capturing system and an ambience conducive for staged performances enhances the quality of the programs organised. Wide-ranging activities right from students’ performances to Conferences, Seminars, Induction Programs, Inaugural Ceremonies of myriad college associations and theatrical performances take place in the Seminar room.

Wi-fi enabled Seminar room (50 capacity)

Located on the ground floor of K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce building. The Conference Room is equipped with the latest technical arrangements. With its capacity to accommodate around 50 participants, the Conference Room is conducive to organise Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Workshops for students and staff members.

Board Room

Furnished with reasonably adequate infrastructure and air- conditioning facility the Board Room is considered as a crucial venue for the smooth conduct of meetings with Government Officials, Management Representatives, University Representatives, discussion and deliberations with external committee members.


K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce Library is the oldest and biggest library on the Somaiya Vidyavihar campus. In the pursuit of knowledge, the library plays an important role by providing access to more than 59000 books, more than 2700 bounded journals, periodical and electronic resources such as web of science, ebsco discovery, Sci-finder and turnitin. An online database of the books, periodicals and journals is maintained and they can be accessed with the help of trained Library Staff. There is a provision of a special reading space for students and teaching fraternity. The College Library furnishes print & electronic resources for all academic, co-curricular and other related activities of the students and staff. Adequate space, easy and user-friendly retrieval facility, suitable infrastructure renders our library an amicable learning resource.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory of the college is equipped with 34 Computers, Projector and Wi-Fi connection. The laboratory attendant and a technical support staff ensure a smooth conduct of the activities such as Practicals, Practical Board Examinations, Admission related work etc.

Language Lab

College has set up a Digital Language Lab for the benefit of language learners. The systems are operational on BYANI language software with 21 computers which is world class language laboratory software. The Language Lab caters to the requirements of the learners in English Language acquisition. It also proves effective in enhancing their Presentation skills by boosting their confidence to articulate their thoughts and ideas in an effective manner.

Staff Common Room

The Spacious Staff Common Room is situated on the second floor of the college building and is a central point of contact for students, parents and teachers. SCR is equipped with a Wi-Fi facility which helps teachers to carry out online evaluation work, research etc.


The college has spacious and ventilated classrooms with Wi-Fi facility, Overhead Projector & Screen that facilitate the utilization of the audio-visual aids, myriad e-learning resources, and access to online learning material. It promotes learner-centric pedagogy.

Research Lab

The research lab is developed with an objective of fostering research culture among the students. The lab is equipped with modern instruments and technology which helps aspirant research scholars in nurturing their research acumen.

Girls Common Room

A dedicated place for girl students is provided on the first floor of the college building. A provision of special space for girl students facilitates healthy interaction and discussions during recess and free time.

Boys Common Room

A dedicated place for boys students is provided on the third floor of the college building. A provision of special space for boys students facilitates healthy interaction and discussions during recess and free time.

Gymkhana and Sports facility

With a variety of facilities and equipment in the gymnasium, students can pursue their interest in sports, follow their fitness regime. The indoor sports facilities such as Carom, Chess and Table Tennis enhance the hand-eye coordination; develop social skills and creative thinking. Students also have outdoor games facilities such as cricket, Lawn tennis, Athletics, football etc.

Administrative Office

Our College Office is capacious and centrally air-conditioned. It is fully computerized with well-qualified, trained and experienced staff. It is a backbone of the college dedicated to rendering myriad services to the students and faculty members.

Provisions for Specially-abled students and staff

The college has given due consideration to the concerns of specially-abled people. There is a provision of ramp, with a supporting rod, at the entry of the building, a separate washroom on the ground floor, and access to the lift.

Counseling Cell

The college has appointed a Psychiatrist, Dr. Sawant, to counsel, guide and advise students as well as the staff members (teaching and non-teaching). Dr Sawant is a very senior psychiatrist and has counselled students, faculty members and conducted small guidance session with different groups in the college.

Exam Room and CAP Room

In the process of teaching – learning – evaluation, examination plays a vital role in an overall assessment process. Our College has a dedicated examination section with teaching and non-teaching staff for the smooth conduct of examination and declaration of result on time. A centrally air-conditioned Exam Room is equipped with a considerably substantial infrastructure.

Physical Infrastructure

Apart from the facilities mentioned above KJSSC also consist of facilities for water cooler, recording room, solar panels, energy box, fire extinguisher and Botanical garden.

Central Instrumentation Laboratory

To support research and development, KJSSC is well equipped with a central instrumentation laboratory. It consists of GC, HPLC, UV and other sophisticated instruments.


The Chemistry Department is well equipped with eight chemical laboratories and two research laboratories. Department consists of various instruments like UV visible spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography, HPLC etc. Laboratories are according to safety norms with eye wash showers and fire extinguishers.


The Statistics department is located on the second floor and well equipped with Scientific Calculators, Desktops, Laptop, Internet connection, Department Library with 30 books and a projector.


The department was established in 1960. 5 Laboratories for UG and PG courses. Separate plant tissue culture laboratory has been set up under UGC-CPE grant. Well equipped research laboratory has been set up to facilitate project based learning. Departmental library with collection of rare books on 'Drawings of Indian Plants'. Seed bank having collection of seeds of 60 different plants, 10 different rice varieties and 8 different types of millets. Botanical garden with more than 140 different species of plants out of which 57 are medicinal and aromatic plants.


The Department of Physics is situated on the first floor of the college. It has three well equipped laboratories each with one dark room each. Each Lab is spacious enough to accommodate 60 students during regular practicals. Dark rooms are another special facility where novel optical experiments (spectroscopical) can be done. There is a dedicated store room which can procure required instruments, ICs, supplies etc. There are 8 dedicated computers with internet connectivity in the labs for PG student’s regular practicals and Projects. Department also has a small research lab for material science students.


The Department of zoology has a separate laboratory for its under graduate and post graduate courses and a dedicated lab for research work. All laboratories are equipped with basic academic-grade instrumentation. We have a one -of-its kind specimen collection in display in our department museum with a collection of 400+ specimens. Our in-house Library has around 200 books for student reference. Which includes text books and reference books.


Apart from 51 computers at the 5th floor lab and 34 computers in the first floor lab and Printer, the Department of Mathematics has 25 Graphic calculators that are used to visualize graphs of functions and understand its analytical properties. Graphic calculators help students to understand theory in a much better way as the graph explains the nitty-gritty of the properties. Computer lab on the first floor and fifth floor is used by students of the Mathematics department to understand computer programming and applications better. The lab is a shared resource. More than 200 Mathematics books are part of the Mathematics department library which can help students to do their projects, a part of their curriculum, better.


The Biochemistry laboratory measures around 1100 sq.ft. which includes a departmental library consisting of 130 books and 197 research projects done by postgraduate students. It also includes various routine laboratory instruments such as UV Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge, UV Trans-illuminator, Rotary Shaker, Colorimeter, Incubator, Muffle furnace, Soxhlet extraction units, Autoclave, Microwave grill/oven, etc. Department also has a Computer, a Laptop and a LCD projector.


Department of Geology has following equipments: Polarizing microscope of Lawrence and Mayo, Rock cutting, Thin section preparation machine, Sieve shaker, TDS / Electric conductivity meter, GPS eTrex 30X, Soil testing kit, Water testing kit, Hammer, Brunton, Clinometer, etc all necessary field equipment is available. Department has a fully equipped GIS lab. Department has a unique collection of rocks, minerals and fossils in its museum. The departmental library is listing over 100 textbooks, reference books, memoirs and records of GSI and other research journals.


The Department of Microbiology is located on the first floor of KJSSC building. The department is well equipped with various sophisticated instruments. It consists of laboratories for Undergraduate, postgraduate and also a dedicated laboratory for research students.


All departments of commerce have one laptop each and a cupboard also a common staffroom shared by all faculty. Teachers use wifi enabled classrooms. There is a well equipped commerce lab for the stakeholders.


The KJSSC has a separate dedicated room for NCC. Meetings and training programs of NCC cadets are conducted in this room.


NSS is one of the major sections of KJSSC. The college has a dedicated room for NSS. Meetings and discussions are conducted in this room.

Photocopy Centre

To aid the smooth functioning of the office, the college has a photocopy centre in its premises. Located on the ground floor, the centre is open from 8:00 am onwards. The facility is utilized by both the staff as well as the students of the college. It also has the provision of printing and binding.


The campus has numerous cafeterias which serve different cuisines including South Indian, Chinese, Continental and fast food. They are open from 7:00 am until late evening. The Cafeteria staff ensures maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness.