About DLLE

The department of lifelong learning and extension is statutory department of the University of Mumbai and its role is to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the universities and community.

Benefits of joining DLLE
  • Appropriate credits in term end examination (as prescribed by Controller of Examination).
  • Certificate from D.L.L.E, University of Mumbai.
  • Enhanced confidence and no stage fear.

Students successful completing one of the above projects will get certificate from University of Mumbai along with appropriate credits in his/her term end examination. The enrolment fee is only Rs 200/- per student.

Interested students can contact and collect the enrolment form from :

Sr. No Name Department Mob. No.
1 Dr. Amol Pawar Chemistry +91 9221026908
2 Dr. Chetan Jiwani Business Communication 9920976769
3 Dr. Saurabh Shete Chemistry +91 9930722799
4 Mr. Satish Bhor Accountancy 9920976769
5 Mr. Sarang Gujar Chemistry 9168918824
6 Dr. Meena Patankar Botany 9619975792
7 Mr. Sagar Shah Biotechnology 8080662025
8 Dr. Ketankumar Gaikwad Physics 9766944708
9 Ms. Chinmai Godbole Microbiology 9833681647
10 Mr. Amit Dixit Commerce 9867780376
11 Mr. Ashish Mhatre Statistics +91 8452936803
12 Mr. Sandesh Jadhav (Lab Assistant) Chemistry 9820483440
Career Project (CP)
  • It is seen that students who do not get admission to a degree program in medicine, management, engineering etc. feel lost and directionless when they enter the graduate program.
  • The career projects aims at providing in-depth information about a career for further studies.
  • The purpose of career project is to enable the student to learn the interview technique, method of collecting information, how to prepare materials for the dissemination of information etc.
  • Students will also learn about the job market of the career being explored.
  • A student will interview two persons from the same professions and will present the information in the form of pamphlet and charts.
Industry Orientation Project (IOP)
  • The industry orientation project is a vocational/ career oriented program for empowering students with marketable work skills so as to increase his/her employability.
  • Under the IOP project, business and industry are involved as living laboratories for the training of students.
  • The student will be working in the public and private sector units for stipulated period of time.
Status of women in the society (SWS)
  • In this project, student will obtain basic data about the status of women in the area of work.
  • The students will prepare questionnaire under the guidance of extension teachers and will survey 40 - 50 women.
  • The students will collect and tabulate the data.
  • They will analyse and interpret the data.
Annapoorna Yojana (APY)
  • In this project the student will learn the entrepreneurship skills which helps in improving his/her communication skills and confidence
  • The student will sell 25 food/non-food items in a particular area and will prepare data of loss/profit.
  • Student will also learn the organization skills.
Population Education Club (PEC)
  • In this project students can undertake an activity in a group such as plastic collection drive or e-waste collection or sapling plantations or crowd management during Ganpati festival etc.
  • Students will be sensitized regarding the environment and society. They will also learn to work collectively in a group.
List of Extension work teachers

Dr. Amol Pawar

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department


Dr. Saurabh Shete

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department


Mr. Sarang Gujar

Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department


Dr. Chetan Jiwani

Assistant Professor, Business communication


Dr. Meena Patankar

Assistant Professor, Botany Department


Mr. Sagar Shah

Assistant Professor, Biotechnology Department


Mr. Ajay Tripathi

Assistant Professor, zoology Department


Ms. Shilpa Sawant

Assistant Professor, Commerce Department


Mr. Amit Dixit

Assistant Professor, Commerce Department

Mr. Ashish Mhatre

Assistant Professor, Statistics Department

Mr. Ketankumar Gayakwad

Assistant Professor, Physics Department


Ms. Chinmai Godbole

Assistant Professor, Microbiology Department

Student Committee
Committee Name Class Division Roll No E-mail ID Contact Number
STUDENT MANAGER Robinsh Yadav SYBSC B 2002491 robinsh.y@somaiya.edu 9767316680
Vignesh Pawar SYBSC B 2002310 vignesh.dp@somaiya.edu 7208956165
Ruchita Tambe SYBSC B 2002485 ruchita.tambe@somaiya.edu 9405329356
Avantika Gupta SYBSC B 2002440 avantika.gupta@somaiya.edu 9321452984
Sachin Malkar SYBSC C 2002588 sachin.malkar@somaiya.edu 9004038252
EVENTS & PR HEAD Shreya Thakkar FYBSC D 2001580 shreya.st@somaiya.edu 7264830694
CO-ORDINATOR HEAD Bhagesh Kori SYBSC C 2002931 bhagesh.kori@somaiya.edu 8828155654
CONTENT WRITING HEAD Geetanjali Khade SYBSC B 2002 geetanjali.khade@somaiya.edu 9082156305
DOCUMENTATION HEAD Shekhawat Singh FYBSC B 2001233 shekhawat.s@somaiya.edu 7304369147
SOCIAL MEDIA & TECHNICAL HEAD Riddhi Desai SYBSC A 2002015 riddhi.bd@somaiya.edu 9870332201
Preeti Nehera FYBSC E 2001670 p.nehera@somaiya.edu 7045291588
PEC PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR Nandani Singh FYBSC D 2001577 nanani15@somaiya.edu 8650592915
CP PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR Shreya Ankalkope SYBSC A 2002002 shreya.ankalkope@somaiya.edu 9820853410
IOP PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR Poonam Deshmukh SYBSC A 2002018 poonam.deshmukh@somaiya.edu 8425862460
SWS & APY PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR Sonam Singh SYBSC B 2002621 sonam.ks@somaiya.edu 8828076090
HOSTING Bhavika Gehlot FYBSC E 2001626 bhavika.gehlot@somaiya.edu 7387047835