Academic Activities

Nature Club

Students are exposed to various environment related issues slide and film shows, invited talks.


The project name STALWARTS stands for ‘Sustaining Teachers And Learners With the Arts’. The STALWARTS projects in our college after Diwali vacation. It is a project that involves an interactive sessions of moderators and students. Moderators as well as subject expert’s guidance help the students achieve the desired objectives.

Inspire Camp

INSPIRE Science Camps is a scheme initiated by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt… The camp is meant for class 11 Science, and aims to motivate and excite young minds about sciencet and provide a glimpse of current innovations in research, just prior to the time when they make their career decisions.

Science Association

The Association organizes lectures by experts in scientific fields, slide shows, exhibitions, Science quiz and visits. The activities create and arouse interest among students in the field of Scie nce beyond the curriculum. Students are encouraged to make presentations on scientific topics of their interest.

Planetary Association

Visits to witness the celestial events are organized besides lectures, slide shows and workshops.

Geological Association

Geology is gaining importance and the association creates awareness among the student community to learn and explore the vast knowledge in this field by organizing lectures by eminent speakers.

Commerce Association

The Commerce association arranges lectures on topical subjects and encourages students to participate in intercollegiate competitions and workshops.