Master of Science

Geology | M.Sc.(Geo)

The two year Master program in geology is framed by considering students demand of fulfilling all the requirements towards becoming an accomplished geologist, who can lead with a scientific approach in a sustainable model. The curriculum is designed by specialized subject experts giving more emphasis to courses like mineral resources, mineral exploration, coal, petroleum, groundwater, GIS etc. . the Focus is mainly on laboratory and project based learning.

The program consists of 4 semesters in which the final semester is designated for dissertation where students are given choice in doing small research in a topic of their choice. Students are encouraged to take courses in NPTEL/Swayam and other online platform courses for enhancing soft skills.

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Key Information


Different Pedagogy used:

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Creation of Mind map.
  • Poster presentation
  • Experiential learning (field based learning)
  • Use of LMS like Google classroom and moodle.

Career Prospects

In India, Geologists are recruited to the top positions as scientists/researchers in the government, industry and education sector.

PSU’s/ Government sector:-
  • Geological Survey of India.
  • Central Ground Water Board.
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited.
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.
  • Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited.
  • Indian Space Research Organisation.
  • Defence Research and Development Organisation.
  • Atomic Mineral Directorate Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
  • National Eligibility Test for lectureship.
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Oil India Limited.
  • Coal India Limited, Directorate of Mines for Each State.
  • National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited.
  • Regional Space Application Centre for every state.
  • Indian Administrative Services/ Indian Forest Services
  • Birbal Sahani Institute of Palaeosciences
  • Sutlej Power station.
  • Indian Bureau of Mines, Neyveli Coal India ltd., Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Private Sector (Schlumberger, Cairn India, Shell, ESRI, Reliance, L&T)

Eminent Alumni

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Evaluate the formation mechanisms for different composition of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that are found on the Earth’s surface and in the subsurface and calculate their chemical and physical parameters.
  • Identify the evolutionary traits in different families and species of invertebrates and vertebrates and apply these to interpret the relative geological age of different stratigraphic horizons.
  • Analyse structural outcrops in the field to predict the chronology of events and compute the stress and strain responsible for their deformation.
  • Identify various minerals and their ores based on physical properties to decipher the formation mechanism and analyse the suitability of the ore for mining.
  • Understand the conditions responsible for formation of coal and petroleum and enumerate the conducive stratigraphic horizons where they are found.
  • Learn about groundwater flow conditions and create a potentiometric map to determine the flow direction in an area.
  • Understand the basics of remote sensing methods and use satellite imageries to detect temporal changes and identify ground surface features.


  • Department is recognized and funded by STAR-DBT grant.
  • Department has list equipments Polarizing microscope of Lawrence and Mayo Rock cutting, thin section preparation machine, Sieve shaker, TDS / Electric conductivity meter, GPS eTrex 30X Soil testing kit, Water testing kit, Hammer , Brunton, Clinometer, etc all necessary field equipment is available.
  • Department has a fully equipped GIS lab.
  • Department conducts certificate, Diploma course in RS-GIS under University of Mumbai.
  • Conducts invited lectures/talks by eminent people from Earth science community.
  • Every year students are taken for fieldwork either in and around Mumbai or out of Maharashtra.
  • Department conducts coaching sessions for competitive exams like JAM and GATE.
  • The departmental library is listing over 100 of text books, reference books, memoirs and records of GSI and other research journals.
  • Students are placed for Dissertation in CSIR labs, BARC, ISRO, IITs.

Head of the Department

Mr. Deepak Kumar Sahu